Jasmine - This Is My Song

Hello everyone!

Last night premiered the BRAND NEW programme - This Is My Song, on BBC 1.

We saw four groups/ individuals work with industry professionals to record a song that they will keep and treasure forever. This included a grandson and granddad singing a lovely rendition of Stand By Me, three sisters creating a record for their father, a young gentleman called Matt who's love and passion for music has helped him in numerous occasions and Jasmine, a young talented singer who is only just beginning to realise her potential.

I was lucky enough to be a backing singer for Jasmine, a beautiful young soul with an AMAZING voice.

There is so many reasons I started RK Music Workshops, but the primary reason which i ALWAYS refer back to is that music connects us, it is this powerful gift we have been given and I intended on giving it to as many people as I can throughout my career and life.

Keep singing, work hard and reach for the stars.

Robyn Xo


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