Anyone can have vocal tuition, whether you are wanting to learn about your own voice, have upcoming exams/ auditions or just wanting to have tuition for the enjoyment of singing here are 5 reasons why we here at RK Music Workshops believe EVERYONE should receive vocal tuition at some point within their lives.

#1 - It helps to improve our mental health! From increasing confidence and self-esteem through to feelings of accomplishment after hitting those notes you never believed you could!

#2 - To learn about your craft: Understanding different vocal techniques, how to breath correctly, how to introduce emotion back into a song and so many more!

#3 - Ensures good vocal health practice: You only get one voice, discover how to look after it.

#4 - Enjoyment through various challenges – enjoy singing again with songs added into your repertoire that dares you to explore new areas of your vocal ability.

#5 - Enhance your natural speaking voice: With learning proper technique for singing your speaking voice will have natural subconscious progression becoming clearer through diction and projection.

So why not book your first 1:1 lesson today? Upon enquiring if you quote the words 5 REASONS you will receive your first lesson for HALF PRICE!

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