Let's talk about Honey!

With its many healing properties honey is amazing for not only your speaking/ singing voice but also there are numerous health benefits linked to skin, hair and ease of health problems (allergies/ asthma) whilst being a delicious natural treat!

Here at RK Music Workshops our go to place for LOCAL HONEY is The Honeycomb Shop based in the Market Hall, Scarborough (https://www.facebook.com/The-Honeycomb-Shop-664159820459905/) Local Honey is also connected to so many immune system benefits with the bees creating the honey from local plants in our North Yorkshire environment.

It is a MUST to check out this shop, for all those honey needs the passionate owners, who are also trained Bee Keepers, are on hand for any questions or queries.

So not only get the best honey and bee products for miles around but also support our local businesses in this beautiful town we call home 🎼🎤🐝🐝


Honey and Vocals from Voice.com:https://www.voices.com/blog/how_much_does_honey_really_help/

#Honey #Local #Scarborough #Support

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